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Garfagnana's porcini mushrooms

Now let’s talk about him: His Majesty “The Porcino Mushroom” from Garfagnana region, for centuries pride and fundamental element of our gastronomy.

Porcini mushrooms grow wild in broad-leaved forests (chestnut trees, oak trees, beach trees, holm-oak trees), and its gathering is in between May and October which are those particular months of the year when the rainy season alternates with sunny but not windy intervals and creates the ideal climatic conditions for the growth of these gorgeous and smelly specialty.

Porcini mushrooms from Garfagnana are easily recognised for their unmistakable smell and their fine and intense taste.

There different species and subspecies, all of them eatable and easily recognizable by the colour of their cap.

They can be eaten fresh, also raw, or can be preserved in oil or dried.

In our mountains there are not just Porcinini mushrooms but also fine Caesar’s Mushroom, tasty golden Chanterelles and delicious Grifone mushrooms.

Recently along the way from Casatico to Roggio, “Comunità Montana” and some local associations created “Il Sentiero del Fungo”: a thematic path aimed to teach students, excursionists, tourists and whoever else is interested in mushroom gathering and its tradition.

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