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Garfagnana and its wine


Garfagnana is a land famous for loads of quality products (cheese, corn, flour, chestnut, Porcino mushroom, ham, salami, honey, a lot of different fruit and vegetables) but just recently has also developed excellent wines.

Driving around you can certainly notice small vineyards everywhere. Most of the people living here own a land (from small to medium size) and it’s likely to happen that the landlord produces his own wine generically called in our slang “striscin”.

Although the wine production in this area is not the main business and in most of the cases it remains a no profit business aimed to meet the family needs or as a hobby just to have something to be proud of when talking to friends and neighbours.

In the past few years though, this activity has grown up. Just recently a winery called “Poderi della Garfagnana”, funded in Camporgiano in 2002 by some young entrepreneurs with great experience and passion for wine, gets into the Italian wine market with some quality white and red wines: “Polla” (created from a mix of Chardonnay and Muller Thurgau), “Riana”, “Fopola” and “Rico” (pinot nero in purezza) also thank the high quality of some local autochthonous vineyards like Balsoina, Verdolino, Malvasia Bianca (for the white wines), Pighetta and Farinella (for the red wines).

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