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Formenton 8 File from Garfagnana

From the old traditions of this region, recently another one has been rediscovered. We are talking about the “Formenton 8 file” which is a kind of corn which has 8 lines of corn on each cob.

Its farming was abandoned in the past because of its low productivity (just 16-18 quintals per hectare), but nowadays this fantastic product is back to life also thank Alvaro Ferrari (president of the “farmers’ association of Formenton 8 File from Garfagnana and Serchio valley”) and his family who has been produced this quality corn since ever.

There are two kind of “Formenton 8 file”: The red one: a bit bitter and a strong taste which is perfect for all those people who love original flavors. The yellow one: with a classic and smooth taste for all those people with a fine taste.

Thank the production procedure and the time/attention spent on each cob, the flour made from “Formenton 8 file” is absolutely gorgeous and it is perfect to make the classic polenta to serve with sheep cheese, porcini mushrooms, wild boar stew or fowl ragù sauce

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