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Welcome in Garfagnana

Main image Garfagnana mountains - Hotel Restaurant La Lanterna

“these are the places of elsewhere …… when you get there you can truly feel their particularity”, by Maurizio Maggiani

Like a jewellery box full of nature, green and genuine staff, Garfagnana valley is located in between the mountain chain called Appennino Tosco-Emiliano and the mountain chain called Apuane Alps. This area has developed all along the Serchio river and as you can notice on each hill, each riverside or lakeside there is a bell tower with its stone baptistery.

Emerald green is predominant colour in this area because this valley is rich of beech forests, chestnut forests and small to large fields that family business use for farming and other rural activities. Walking through the mountain paths and the small streets that link each small town and mountain village, you can certainly see and appreciate some of all these traditional activities that, with the warm welcome of the people, have been reaching the heart of thousands of tourists showing them their own traditions like for example “The May songs” and local food (chestnut, honey, farro, porcini mushrooms, cheese, etc.).

It is here in Garfagnana that, 40 years ago, Fernando and Silvia, two people with a great passion for food and innate skills for hospitality, decided to start their business and open the hotel/restaurant “La Lanterna” which is now a successful a family business. Since ancient times Garfagnana has been a land of transit for wayfarers that, for trade or religion, were crossing the boundary between Emilia Romagna region and Toscana region through the mountain pass in Pradarena. That’s why, in an area where there is an innate vocation for the hospitality, we are proud to say that the hotel/restaurant “La Lanterna”, with its services and its fine and professional welcoming, is able to meet all your needs, whether you are looking at Garfagnana to spend your holidays or whether you are a “modern wayfarer”. The hotel and its rustic architecture, perfectly integrated in the surrounding rural environment, is located in a quiet and intimate area few minutes from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (277 meters on the sea level), the chief town of this valley, which is a lively commercial center.

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