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Vicaglia lake

Vicaglia lake is probabily the best spot for fishing. Considered as a jewel in the middle of our mountain chain called “Appennino Tosco-Emiliano”, this lake is easily accessible from the Orecchiella natural park. Ths wonderful lake, created from an ENEL barrier, has been populated of beautiful fario trouts since ever, therefore it’s likely to fish trouts over one kg weight.

For all fans of fishing, this spot can be the right place if you are looking for a day rich of satisfactions.

Pay attention to the lakesides, not all of them are accessible, some ones are a bit abrupt but there is an easy path that can get you to spots full of fish.

This lake has got an A class water, therefore you can use warms but no pinkies. An excellent technique to use in this lake is the spoon fishing.

Here in this lake you won’t need any permission but remember to bring your fishing license with you because it’s likely to get unexpected visits from the park guards.

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