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Fishing in Garfagnana

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Garfagnana region is rich of streams and rivers that cross the whole valley with their clear and limpid water. In fact, along the river called “Serchio”, it’s likely to see a lot of hydroelectric basins that created picturesque lakes in various locations all over this area.

The purity of the water is the reason why the trout is queen in our rivers.

As a mark of the existence of this fish in Garfagnana since ever, there is the discovery of an autochthonous species temporary called “Salmo mediterraneus auseris”. Consequently the administration body of the river in collaboration with the association called “Garfly” submitted a project aimed to repopulate the whole river with this kind of trout.

To this day, “fario” trout is one of the most aimed preys of our rivers together with big chubs, huge carps and loads of other kind of fish.

The following spots are some of the most popular ones thank their natural beauty and their richness of fish.

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